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Chris Christie slams fearmongering over Sharia law

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New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie defended his decision to nominate a Muslim judge to the state Superior Court against conservative critics who warned that the new judge will implement Sharia law. The notoriously blunt-spoken Christie calling their fears "crap" and "crazy."

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Comment by Ronald McDonald
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Sounds like the same concerns people had over nominating a Catholic to public office. Everyone KNEW they were agents of the pointy headed Sith Lord in the Vatican.

Comment by TL Winslow
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Honey, I'm home. Yes, if Congress would declare a moratorium on Muslim immigration except for temporary visas for the highly skilled like scientists, the Sharia fear would be pretty much groundless. Too bad, each year tens if not hundreds of thousands of Muslims of little or no education immigrate legally, and who knows how many more illegally, with Pres. Obama's #1 priority being to get more and more in and give them full citizenship along with total protection. Meanwhile he's shipping Mexican border-crossers back over the border in record numbers to make room for them and the tons of new mosques being built with Saudi funding. The nation of Mexico can't stop Muslim immigration to the New World via the U.S. and Canada.

But Muslims are only 1%, 2%, whatever? Look at Muslim birthrates. Osama bin Laden was one of 50+ children, and left umpteen of his own, get it? Welcome to the Islamic States of America, all remaining infidels housed on neat little reservations, the standing U.S. Islamic Army is being deployed now, I hope not.

What's to fear from Muslim immigration? Answer: they bring the foreign DNA of the Quran with them, whose god Allah doesn't just want Muslims to worship him, but it's part and parcel of the so-called religion to take over the land and rule it in his name forever. How many Muslim nations have a U.S.-style First Amendment? After all, Allah says that non-Muslim infidels are destined to burn in Hell, promotion, not in your future. A Muslim First Amendment would say that Congress shall make no law giving any rights to infidels to speak, think, assemble, anything, I love you Allah, you're the greatest, kill the infidels if they resist you.

Hence Allah is an archenemy of our infidel Constitution, demanding that his Quran become the constitution after chopping Uncle Sam's head off and replacing the Stars and Stripes with the crescent moon. That's what Sharia is, the constitution of Allah. Unlike the Jewish code which applies only to them, the Muslim code applies to infidels too, which after the war to take over is won makes any remaining non-Muslim infidels into serfs and slaves, never full citizens, with virtually no rights other than to stay alive by bowing to Muslim rule and letting Muslims live off them via the jizya punishment tax. Here kitty kitty.

Oh yes, Chris Christie calls this all crap. You see, we shouldn't discriminate, that is, think for ourselves, but just ostrich while they come in and pluck our feathers and cut off our heads at will. Sorry, but to be tolerant of the intolerant is suicide, and Islam is the world's most supremacist and intolerant ideology, claiming to be on a mission from God to dominate the world, they don't care who they run over. America was blessed with a world island far away from the Muslim world and the Quran, while North America was further blessed by being far away from the Catholic Church, which are the only reasons there even is a U.S. At least the power of the Vatican has been greatly curtailed, and no longer threatens a Catholic takeover of the Constitution, so a Catholic can become a real American who will defend the Constitution, and millions have proved it over and over, by killing fellow Catholics in Europe in WWI and WWII. But a Muslim can't, because he can't serve two gods at the same time - ask Maj. Nidal Hassan or Pfc. Naser Abdo.

Is it crap too that Obama might be a secret Muslim, or Muslim front, with the goal of posing as a non-Muslim including smoking cigs and looking at women's butts in order to open the gates to hundreds of millions of Muslim invaders calling themselves immigrants, while soon anybody taking their head out of the sand gets put in a concentration reeducation camp as a terrorist? You're full of crap, crap, crap, says the all-Muslim U.S. Supreme Court, appeal denied.

Not that anybody should sink to the Muslim example and become jihadists like Anders Breivik. One should never take the law into one's own hands, but only seek to change the law by democratic processes, that is, unless they're prepared to stage an all-out revolution, a drastic step, let's hope it never comes so that, because America is worth preserving, and what comes after it might be living Hell.

Even Breivik realized that it's not even the fault of Muslims in Norway, because most were forced into it from infancy, and had no choice. Yes, there are plenty of good Muslims, despite Islam, but only to the extent that they chuck the Quran. The more they imbibe it, the more they become like aliens from outer space, bent on taking over the land and ruling even our minds, that's the power of the Home Depot.

Congress has the power to stop Muslim immigration, and reverse it after declaring the U.S. at war with Islam, euphemistically, the Muslim world, stopping Muslim immigration while declaring all Muslims who already immigrated from the Muslim world, or born of parents who did as potential enemy agents and combatants, then forcefully deporting all who commit felonies, preach or practice Sharia, etc., while offering financial inducements to the rest to go back voluntarily.

Why does the U.S. need Muslim immigration? They got 1.5 billion, we got 0.3 billion. How many do we need? Another .3 billion? If they even get to 50 million, the U.S. will likely descend into eternal civil war that will take it out as a world power and balkanize it, leading to unimaginable horrors. Crap? Not after you study history and see Islam's track record in country after country that underestimated it. Of course, our power to support Israel will become kaput, and we will be forced to watch them be encircled and exterminated, knowing we're next. What's the big deal, right, "Christ"-ie?

But we can't discriminate on the basis of religion? Wrong. The U.S. discriminates on the basis of religion all the time, ask the Mormons about polygamy, and worshipers of Quetzalcoatl about human sacrifice. Muslims are no more violent than Christians? Islamophobia is your problem, not theirs? Wrong again. Unlike Christians, whose founder Christ said turn the other cheek, and love and forgive your enemies, all Muslims, regardless of sect, are totally violent under the skin, and never forgive or forget, if you don't believe me try insulting Muhammad to their face and see if the first reaction isn't to kill you, then rejoice in the knowledge that if they don't some other Muslim will.

That's why there is a Muslim world: Islam supposedly started with just one guy, who played the infidels for suckers all the way, pretending to be their friends and even signing truces with them until he got the military strength to tear them up and take over. Every Muslim must be like Muhammad, get it? If you really want to see why Chris Christie is the one who's full of crap, study Islam's history starting with Muhammad's life with the Historyscoper's free online course at

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So N.J. has its 2nd Muslim judge, call him your honor. Are you going to stay with the ostrich herd like Christie, and have crap kicked onto you daily, or fly with the eagles?

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