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Gov. Rick Perry leads Christians in prayer at Texas rally

With Rick Perry likely to enter the Republican presidential race within days or weeks, thousands of fundamentalist Christians cheered the Texas governor Saturday at a stadium prayer rally that appeared to boost his standing with religious conservatives, a key GOP voting bloc. Perry organized the daylong service of prayer and fasting, featuring appearances by prominent figures on the Christian right. Stadium officials said the crowd exceeded 30,000, far more than any event staged by the announced Republican presidential contenders. "Like all of you, I love this country deeply," said Perry, greeted by a roar of approval when he walked unannounced onto the stage inside Houston's air-conditioned Reliant Stadium. "Indeed, the only thing you love more is the living Christ." Critics, some of whom went to court in a futile effort to block the event, lamented what they saw as an improper commingling of religion and government. A single-engine plane, circling overhead, greeted early arrivals with a banner that read "Gov: Keep state/church separate."

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Comment by David Jackson
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    This guy is scary. But, what is even more worrisome is that there seem to be so many adult citizens (their hostage children) who think he's actually some form of solution to whatever problem(s) they either don't really understand or are too lazy to effectively deal with.

     The up-side is that if he runs for office a whole lot of folks will be able to tell who not to vote for.

      Although there isn't any currently "created issue" that will or can be solved by ammending the U.S. Constitution, I'd get behind an "editing ammendment" that changed the non-existing "separation of church and state" to a factual adomonishment of "seperation of superstition and state"!

      The last thing this country needs is to be overrun by bigots and zealots who believe they have any right to tell anyone how to think, believe, or worship. May the Great Pumpkin help us all!


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