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Gold !!!

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that. So there is zero probability of default" said Greenspan  

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Comment by David Jackson
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 "Gold!" What does Greenspan have to do eith gold?

  As for those who have bought into the gold rush, there will be a contrived "correction". You might consider sell, now. Once the major "connected cons" start dumping to take their profits, if you are still holding gold, you certainly won't make the hoped-for killing and you might well loose you butt.

   Nobody really believes that this "trickle-up" scam is going to last forever, do they?

   Gold will never go out of "style". However, their will only be a very limited number of opportunities to screw so many people with impunity.

   As for U.S. currency and "debt" being vlaued by legitimate backing, gimme a break! Thank FDR and Richard Nixon for riding us of al our "real wealth".


Comment by David Jackson
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    The "Zimbabwe" solution? This is about par for the course! Printing money is not a functional way out of any form of national debt. fortunately, the U.S. isn't run by a blithering lunatic (some might disagree), who is apt to start butchering "excess people" and totally suspend property rights and all rules of law. However, the mass of the U.S. citizenry is going to take it in the shorts and some will likely wonder if they might not be better off trying to survive in the African bush: For those who know how and have the tools, there is still a subsistence living to be had amongst the wild game of the African wilderness.

     The "fed" would love to suck more tribute from the economy by "allowing" more money into the U.S. economy!


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