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Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself From 'Hurricane Reality'

A lie is a lie. Fraud is fraud. And a PONZI scheme is just a combination of lies and fraud that is somehow believed by enough people to maintain the illusion of its credibility. The euro is just another fiat currency that only maintains its purchasing power as long as the true nature of money is not understood by the population who are expected to slave away their time. The reason the soverign debt issues in Europe will not go away is the same reason that the US economy's woes cannot be fixed – because alternative media is opening people's eyes to the nature of the world's central bank controlled money game – and they do not like what they see. People are losing confidence as the Internet Reformation rolls onward and, as their confidence wanes, they are starting to panic. The success of Money Power in maintaining the fiat-money game is predicated on maintaining people's confidence. It simply must be maintained in order to support an ever-increasing demand for debt. The US dollar debt-ceiling debate, as I stated in an RT interview on Monday (You can watch it here), hopefully has opened more people's eyes to the nature of the problem. From there it is up to each person to employ human action and take the necessary steps to get out of harm's way. We'll look at how in a moment. Lastly, late Friday afternoon, S&P downgraded US debt from a AAA rating to AA+. Big surprise? Not here folks. I will repeat what I said in that same RT interview I referred to above when questioned about the possibility of a downgrade of US debt. Basically, the US debt system is a PONZI scheme that should have been downgraded long ago. The use of the term "risk-free" to brand US debt is a complete misuse of the term and for most free-market thinkers, the need to hear a mainstream rating agency say so is irrelevant.

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