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In Soviet America Spending Cuts Go Up!

• Free Patriot Press
When is an increase in spending a “spending cut”? A logical person would say, “never” and would be correct. However, a special group of people known as politicians have determined to change the meanings of words so that increasing the amount of money spent can actually be called a “spending cut.” While this sounds like something from Orwell's 1984, it is actually from Washington DC in the here & now. The recent “debt deal” involving raising the “debt ceiling” reportedly contains upwards of $2 trillion worth of “cuts” over the next decade. Never mind that such a “reduction” (if it were actually so) is still only 1/10 of the annual deficit, (or overage) and would not come anywhere close to forcing Congress to balance the federal budget (not that I believe a Balance Budget Amendment would). Congressman Ron Paul said that in order to balance the budget Congress would need to, "implement large spending cuts now, starting with overseas expenditures and unconstitutional bureaucracies."

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