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215 arrested in London riots


BEIJING, Aug. 9 (Xinhuanet) -- Violence has continued in London for a third day, as rioters clashed with police in the eastern neighborhood of Hackney. It followed a weekend of unrest in various locations across the city in which more than 200 people were arrested.

Shop windows have been smashed, polices vans attacked, and cars set ablaze in Hackney.

Police have also come under fire from projectiles including petrol bombs.

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Comment by Tom Westbrook
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bakadude - interesting twist on the facts. I'm with you when you are against anarchists committing  acts of violence then you loose me when you lump nonviolent victims of violence like Jenny Jones and Larken Rose in with the anarchists. 

 It seems to me that you are for violence as long as those committing the acts of violence are wearing costumes. But if they are not, then you are against it. Violence is violence, it doesn't matter what your fashion tastes are.

You forgot to mention that it's not going to happen in America because business owners are going to be carrying weapons and protecting themselves.

Comment by Anonymous
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It could also happen here, but unlikely …

The preachers of violence are succeeding in London in their campaign to create anarchy. CNTV highlights three major causes of the riots that spread throughout London: [1] Corked up sentiments against the Government, [2] out-of-town anarchists who came in for violence and looting, and [3] this shoot-cop mentality generated by "gurus" of violence who want to bring down the State or the Government of U.K. by assassinating law enforcers and politicians.

We have all of these here in the United States. [a] Pent-up hatred against Obama and his "socialist-inclined" regime; [b] paid-hacks of the global Media, including their leftists alternative media underlings, like the Desert Freedom Press that infiltrated Quartzsite, Arizona recently, whose role is to foment hatred against the Government; [b] violence erupted in London when Mark Duggan, an emotional young man inspired by his preachers of violence to shoot any policeman dead, and ended up killed by law enforcers himself.

Here in the U.S., we have the likes of Larken Rose and their vanishing tribe who preach assassination to redress personal grievances … loud-mouth advocates of this belief from hell that a good cop is a dead cop!

What’s happening in London – many believed -- could happen here anytime, but unlikely. We have the Patriot Act, as amended, that if the likes of Larken Rose attempt to demonstrate their teachings of violence from hell themselves personally against the security of the State rather than let the gullible like Mark Duggan do it for them, I am sure their dream of creating a riot will come to naught, and nipped in the bud, will immediately end up in vain.

For believing that the American public is stupid, they could end up in jail, or if they elect to shoot it out with the raiding SWAT Team -- six feet below the ground! I have no doubt about it.

Comment by Puck Smith
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They should go after the City of London.

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