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US Government Monitoring Facebook for Federal Reserve Protests

On June 22nd Xander and I decided to hold a last minute End The Fed rally on Wall St. When we got there about 40 police were waiting for us.

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Comment by David Jackson
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    I know you weren't really surprised that there were cops in the vicinity...

    Any attempt to "slaughter" a sacred cow, especially in public, is likely to be met with official restraint(s) of some type.

    Even if you are allowed a permit to commit your sacrilege, you will be dealt with: All a permit really does is register you; it generates some revenue for your abusers; it provides those abusers with an excuse to "provide a Gestapo presence", for public safety reasons; and it allows literal control of location and even content.

    There is no freedom or privacy on any web site. There never has been and never will be.

     If your protest doesn't result in your death, no news organ or official anything will take much note. This is because nobody gives a damn about anything that doesn't get them high, drunk, laid, the most recent video game, or free tickets to some second-rate concert.

     Protest used to be about something, mostly because there were so many things that were wrong and so many people who actully thought they could make a difference. Now, there is so much wrong and nobody who cares. It's real hard to garner much support for removing a traitor from Congress, when some zip is being "forced" of an island or out of the running for best-of-show on some inane version of a celebrity creepshow.

    Don't expect that large numbers of people will care about themselves or their children, until they are sure that their favorite celeb is properly pregnant, in rehab, turning tricks for tranquilizers, marrying their siblings, getting away with murder or other felony acts, or revealing that they really are too stupid for primetime.



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