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The World's Money Is Draining Away ... Where's It Going?

Bloomberg's Jonathan Weil hints at the answer in a post entitled "Is There Enough Money on Earth to Save the Banks?" Two years ago the central planners convinced investors that the biggest surviving financial institutions would be able to earn their way back to health, in part through low interest rates and taxpayer support. The pressing question soon may be whether there is enough money on the planet to save the system as we know it, and if so, how much longer it will be before a crisis comes along that finally swamps the ability of governments to contain it. One-hit wonders such as Fed-induced stock-market rallies can induce euphoria momentarily. They don’t fix the big problem. As I've previously noted, the giant banks are drawing the American and world economy down into a black hole. If we don't break up the giant banks now, they'll be bailed out again and again, and virtually all independent economists and financial experts say that will drag the world economy down with them. Indeed, many economists and financial experts say that we'll have a never-ending depression or perpetual zombification unless the banks and bondholders are forced to write down their bad debt. But the question remains: if all of the world's money (of the Western world, anyway) is draining out, where's it going to?

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Comment by Dave Wilber
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 All accurate, economic, political and medical thinking has to be based on our misleaders having umlimited funds while no money goes to Washington as taxes. The Fed did not fib in saying their system "works (us) only with credit" that would keep its value "if there were fewer people bidding against each other." They cannot get money from us when all that we have  in banks is numbers and they have no need for money when all of us will risk our lives for more numbers.  AMEN!


Comment by David Jackson
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   What's it going to take? The sole purpose of the IMF, World Bank, and, especially, the "federal reserve" is to rob those who actually work and produce products and necessary services blind. It is now and has always been so.

   To the voodoo practicioners, I'd simply remind one and all that the long con that most of us know as the "financial/banking/economic system is not an "act of God". It is a centuries-old scheme to fleece the populations of the various producing countries of every form of wealth known - precious metals, land, portable funds, the means of food production and distribution, all mineral rights, every form of functional stucture and infrastructre, and raw or developed "natural" resources.

 The cabal has finally reached it's critical mass, having stolen so much for so long that it is becoming clear to even the most minimally astute of their victims. They are in the throws of a fight for their own survival, and will take the world down before they allow themselves to be totally exposed or "dethroned".

  You can only expect to beat hell out of a child for just so long and get away with it. Even if the kid is a mental midget and incapable of independent suvival, the time will come when he/she will grow up and become just a little bit pissed at the treatement. At such a point, with any good fortune, that kid will pound your butt in the dirt!!!!

  Of course, if you've taken precautions and made the kid so stupid (education), so physically weak (lack of healthcare and proper nutrition), so distracted by shiny objects (demented and inane entertainment), misinformation (news media and so-called academics), and so timid (draconian "legal" system and the thugs to back it - "criminal justice" functionaries), as to fear or refuse even the most basic instincts of survival and defense, then you've probably won and should not be too concerned that you won't prosper while you victims continue to suffer and die - some will even continue their support of the systems that are enslaving and slaughtering them.

   Good luck...To all of us! Oh, yea...To quote those who allowed and caused this, "This is no time for blame, as we go forward". To quote my response to every one of them: You can kiss -- ---!


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