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SAN FRANCISCO - BART Police Shut Down Cell Towers to Block Demonstration

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A decision by San Francisco Bay Area transit officials to cut off cell phone service at some of its stations to thwart a planned protest drew angry response Saturday from one transit board member who said she was shocked that officials acted as "this type of censor." Bay Area Rapid Transit officials have said they shut down power Thursday evening to cellular towers for stations stretching from downtown to the San Francisco's airport after learning protesters planned to use mobile devices to coordinate its demonstration. "I'm just shocked that they didn't think about the implications of this. We really don't have the right to be this type of censor," said Lynette Sweet, who serves on BART board. "In my opinion, we've let the actions of a few people affect everybody. And that's not fair."

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Comment by David Jackson
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    What the hell does anyone think they are going to do about any of this? That is is happening means it's too late. The San Fran SS will do whatever it damn well pleases - from restreicting open communication over the "public owned" airways" to murdering unarmed citizens on whatever whim presents itself. There is no enforcement of laws, only "law by enforcement". The reasons are simple: There is no such thing as "protect and serve", unless you happen to be in a position of power or financial influence; there are fewer and fewer "professionals" anywhere in the so-called "criminal justice system", especially in the ranks of the American Gestapo goon squads; there is no acountability, since those who would in an honorable and "legal" system of enforcement stand to gain most by allowing, supporting, and sanctioning the on-going abuses and human, civil, and Constitutional rights violations. There is nothing to stop the incompetent, biased, arrogant, and deadly perversion of the most basic aspects of the BS that is referenced as "rule of law"!

   Let's all hope that nothing happens in the San Fran government's favorite Freudian orifice that will endanger someones's life because they were unable to call for "real" help in a criminal or medical emergency: Can you say, "public safety"?

    Get used to it, this s--- is coming to a town near you. 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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