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Gold and the New Awakening of Colombia


Today the sovereign debt and dollar crisis, plus rising energy and gold prices, are combining with Colombia's growing reputation for tourism, real estate investing and retirement to create an investment potential long delayed by past decades of civil unrest. Many experts agree the former economic stagnation of Colombia is now considered a great benefit to foreign investors and the nation due to monetary events currently taking place on the world financial stage.

Would a company or nation rather have sold most of their oil reserves in the past at $25 dollars a barrel or prefer the future at $100-plus a barrel? How about mining gold during earlier decades at $300 an ounce in contrast to $2,000 or $5,000 an ounce in coming years? Of course, both company profits and share prices would likely increase exponentially from the higher prices but this is only one-third of the story.

What if the deepening sovereign debt crisis or a future collapse in public confidence in the dollar and other fiat currencies forces reluctant politicians and central bankers to return to a currency standard somewhat backed by a combination of gold, silver and oil reserves both above and in the ground? Because of past unrest, the nation of Colombia is uniquely situated to benefit from future oil and gold prices which could easily double from current levels due to a paradigm shift in Western monetary policies.

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