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Video: The Bankers as the Enemy of Humanity

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This video is stunning, in that it is a very articulate and well done rant that will resonate with many readers. The fact that it appeared on Karl Denninger’s site (hat tip reader Scott, Denninger’s been very critical of the TBTF banks) is an indication that the level of frustration with the major banks’ refusal to take responsibility for wrecking the global economy and their efforts to preserve their ability to loot is moving to a new level. I’m sure there are readers who are employed by banks who perform modest and blameless jobs. Those of you might consider how the abusive policies of the major players are creating anger at everyone in the sector (save obvious small fry like community banks and credit unions.

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Comment by David Jackson
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    Nice to know that someone's paying attention.

     Ever notice that when the truth is told regarding the sumbags who prey on any of those of our species who are real humans, it's referenced as a "rant". Have we really degenerated to the "politically correct" craphole of government speak and social apologetics so deeply that truth is viewed the way lies and exaggerations used to be - for the most part. It's little wonder the most marginal human trash on earth have come to be idealized, voted for, allowed to abuse every system the impose on, paid outrageous amounts of money, allowed to rape and murder with impunity, and given carte blanche over our lives, through the self-serving waging of war, taxation, resource manipulation and accumulation, and the subjection of entire human populations. (The system constantly tells us that history is least important; they do so specifically because the opposite is true. The human suffering and degredation that are the mainstays of politics would not exist if the mass of humanity knew and understood the REAL HISTORY of the world! Go ahead, prove me wrong.)


Comment by Treavor Presentlyinphoenix
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OK yes it will change in an instant and the people will swarm our in search of the banksters at the top. Now where to find them? Come out come out wherever you are. What's that you say? They never step out of aircraft or their heavily fortified compounds now? Crap. Well I guess we wait for them at their compounds. Now where are those? In any one of a dozen countries you say? OK everybody split up into a dozen teams and start walking. Or boating. Do what ya gotta do. Oh stop complaining about "no heavy weapons or com or intel or humint or support or logistics" I've heard enough negativity. Where's your sense of glamor and adventure and romance?

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