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A Libertarian’s Take on the First Ever Ancestral Health Symposium


I just returned from California, where I attended the first Ancestral Health Symposium in Los Angeles on the UCLA campus, which Dr. Loren Cordain, an early advocate of the Paleolithic diet, has described as "the Woodstock of evolutionary medicine."

Indeed it was – plenty of minimalist shoes, bare feet, pony tails, shaved heads, colorful clothing, muscle shirts, ripped bodies, anti-state talk, food choice advocacy, fat-fortified beef jerky, and wonderful waist sizes. However, instead of smoking pot and dancing naked, most of us were busy polishing off all of the wonderful, grass-fed food being passed out, for free, by US Wellness Meats. Considering the campus cafeteria and its mostly slop food – aside from the salads, which were overpriced and required a long wait in line – I discovered that I had a choice of either nibbling at the US Wellness beef jerky, pemmican, and grass-fed cheese all day, or settling for a couple of days of involuntary fasting. Actually, I did a little bit of both, and indulged in satisfactory provisions at local restaurants each evening.

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