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There *IS* an Answer: The Constitution Lobby

Please help spread the word and pass this email forward!

This is an OPEN INVITE for anyone who is not happy about what is taking place in America today; who wants to restore constitutional governance; who see that individuals and small groups cannot prevail in what is before us; and who realize we must  come together -- peacefully, legally and rationally -- to make it happen.  HOW?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 - 9.30pm EST

GO TO: - click on "Constitution Lobby" to get the call-in number, read background materials and download the Agenda for the meeting. (To be posted on Wednesday.)
In Connecticut and New York, Constitution Lobbies have already been established and citizens are coming on board as members.

Google "Constitution Lobby," or "We The People of New York" or "We The People of Connecticut" and see what is out there and underway.

Visit and/or to track progress.

In Indiana, California, Texas, Illinois, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Oregon, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Rhode Island and Wisconsin the seeds have been planted and patriots are working together in various stages of preparedness to bring a Constitution Lobby to their State.
If you live in a state not mentioned, YOU could be the OPEN DOOR for a Lobby and we'll show you how.

We have had caring, intelligent Americans come on the Call to learn about the idea and who have then stepped up and said "I want to help get this going where I live."
And so they have.

This could be YOU after Wednesday's call.  :)

Stay positive in the face of all appearances and be part of a solution that can re-establish stability, prosperity and positive forward movement for America, her people and the future for all.  

Bob Schulz and Judith Whitmore

Bob Schulz is the Chairman and "visionary" behind the organizations and their projects to advance the Cause of Liberty, which seek to protect and defend the Constitution and Rule of Law by holding elected officials accountable to what he considers to be the "greatest governing documents" ever given to mankind.  He has been scrutinizing government behavior for more than thirty years, beginning in New York State and then at the federal level, and is now focusing his full-efforts to manifest a long-held Vision that seeks to "institutionalize" citizen vigilance in America, through Constitution Lobbies established in every state.  He has carried out his mission, to the best of his abilities, with fearless, tireless, relentless determination, in an effort to awaken and educate the people to the need for a return to constitutional governance carried out in decency and good order. 
Judith Whitmore began to assist Bob in January, 2009 and has joined her skills with his to fulfill the Vision.  Together, they are facilitating the idea of a Constitution Lobby for every state.   
Along with Judy Schulz and Mike B. who have devoted their full-time efforts to the Foundation's activities across many years, there are also thousands of patriots across America who have participated in  WTP programs and civic action.

As Thomas Jefferson said and is one of the mottos by which we endure:

"The People...are the only sure reliance for the preservation of Liberty."


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Comment by David Jackson
Entered on:

   Not a particularly bad concept. One queston, though: Who is going to enforce the U.S. Constitution? At present, there are about 533 of the 535 "Congressional clods" who swore to defend the document and it's principles and a pseudo government of nine Supremes, most of whom have foresaken the Constitution and its principles. Since they are the "actual law of the land", it seems unlikely that attempting a return to a Constitutional Republic isn't apt to be successful.

    Not to rain too hard, but we've let it all slip away, folks. Scant comfort, I'm sure; but, when we've been dealt with and eliminated as the non-producers and uselss eaters of the world, we will be dead and won't know the difference. (With government, you always get what you pay for!)  


Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

Problem is, most of us work for Big Business. Once we see the Constitution Lobby starting to take down our Fascist Big Business, we'll get scared. We'll get scared that our jobs might be in jeopardy. And we'll get right in and help the Big Business fascist lobbies destroy the Constitution Lobby.

We will, won't we?

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