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Lethal Injustice

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Comment by Anonymous
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This noise is hard in the ears.


The reason for Capital Punishment is not to deter or eliminate crime. That is politics. And this only proliferates … it does not stop coming from those who have their hidden agenda.


The real and only reason for the imposition of the death penalty is to eliminate those who have taken the life of one or the lives of others and to rid society of those who have killed, are killing others, and with opportunity to kill, will continue to kill, and kill again.


It is such a wrong notion to entertain and then believe such delinquent idea, i.e., that killers shouldn’t kill because if they do they would get the Capital Punishment. That’s so naïve.


Murderers have millions of reasons why they kill and a barrel of lethal injections or millions of electrical volts in the Electric Chair would not deter the murderer’s fixation to commit murder or scare away their obsession to kill.


If you want to stop anyone with murder lurking in the mind, or cure the mentally deranged or rehabilitate psychopaths and stop them from killing anyone, do it in the laboratories of social behavior … in school, in the church, in the Government, in the home or any place where the value of life is learned and held sacred, and the strength of spiritual and moral foundation of society is built. Don’t take it on Capital Punishment as a street-like political mantra to eliminate crime. That’s barking at the wrong tree!  It is the wrong road to take to stop crime that is impossible to stop in the first place.


I really don’t want to hear this kind of noise again. My ears hurt.




Comment by Anonymous
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Go to school and learn more about our criminal justice sytem. The original story of Capital Punishment will tell you that capital punishment was NOT enough justice to those who took the law and the life of others, into their hands. If they want a savage life, so must they get a savage reward.

Now that DNA is available to prove that the innocent do not deserve to die or the guilty deserves to die, execution or exculpation could hardly now be a mistake. Abolishing the death penalty is an act of mercy to those who have no mercy when they took the life of one who say left behind a grieving wife and a family of young childen, let alone left a life of miseries to the victim's love ones from whom the killer robbed them of their the future.

Think about it. Anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature would hardly miss what retributive justice means. If for one to kill first, is necessary so that the killer would learn his/her mistake with his/her life in jail and realized how wrong it was to take another person's life, and expect a rehabilation, fine. But who would volunteer to be killed for the purpose of rehabilatating or reforming the life of a killer in jail? You? Certainly, not me or any member of my family, or anyone for that matter who will be so stupid enough to volunteer.

Comment by David Jackson
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   Does anyone with an IQ above room temp actually still believe that capital punishment works - ever really has?

    The reason the government likes it is because they can use it as an excuse, and it makes a fantastic "political football".

     First: The "state" shouldn't be in the business of legitimizing its blatant murder of its citizens. If for no other reason than they can't do it any better than they can do anything else. (We have no way of knowing how many innocent people have been murdered in the "name of the law" and "public good". We don't know because the victims are dead and stand no chance of ever proving their innocence, and there is nobody trying to. We know this to be a problem, because we are constantly aware of falsely-convicted individuals being exonerated. The so-called "criminal justice" system is so inept and corrupt that it isn't a model for anything but selective bias, tyranny, and a vehicle of human misery.)

    Though I have found myself to be a majority of one, philosphically, death is just too easy! It is the end of consciousness; it is a return to the condition of "pre-birth"; it denies any and all responsibilty or accountability. (Not too high on the list of most of our more accomplished psychopaths.) It is the end of any and all pain and suffering, both of which should figure prominently in punishments for violent, deadly and painful criminal actions, once actually proven. The take away is that death is easy.

    Beyond any thoughts of punishmen (revenge), death penalties have never worked. There is no research that can prove that capital crimes are reduced or eliminated by the threat of death from the government. Throughout history - and today - millions can and do violate laws, at the risk of being put to death if caught.

    The whole issue is simply another example of government(s) pretending to do something of supposed value, when, in fact, they are taking the easy out and quick fix options. (Get with it, folks. Our keepers are lunatics!)  

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