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The Depression And Choice Corner Is Now (Philly Fed)

The fraud and phony games are over. The "Tea Party" claims to have taken the high ground. They're lying. All I hear is Bachmann and others wrapping themselves in the "cause of the day" but failing to stop it, and the idea that somehow "Guns, Gays and God" will carry the day or that we should have "Dominionism" in the Federal Government is an outrage. That's utter and complete bull****; having "dominion" over a smoking crater will be cold comfort in January of 2013. Where the hell were these people in 2008? Where were they in 2009? Where was the attempt to stop Bush, Paulson or Kanjorski? Oh I know, they were all elected in 2010. Ok, it's 2011 now and I'll give you the benefit of the doubt in that you can't do anything until you get into office (despite, I note, your utter refusal to run on these issues in 2010 - I did call you all out on that) so let's start there. Has anyone heard any demands to lock up the fraudsters stealing homes with fraudulent documents? To break up the "too big to fail" banks and toss their executives in prison where they belong? To put a stop to the fraudulent issuance of credit economy-wide? To take Bernanke out behind the woodshed and stuff a sock in his mouth via adding an "or else" to The Federal Reserve Act so that he cannot debase the currency and he and his cohorts will all be imprisoned (or hang on The Mall, which seems more appropriate to me) if they do? To enforce a zero-inflation mandate? To end ZIRP and distortions in the bond market? To balance the budget right damn now, and quit playing Ponzi with the Federal Budget, Medicare, Medicaid, Student Loans and more? To tell the truth to our Seniors and everyone else - you will NOT GET what you were promised, because YOU CAN'T - the money does not exist!

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