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Stewart rips Fox News over ‘class warfare’ hysteria

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Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart Thursday put to rest Fox News’ claims that taxing the wealthy amounts to “class warfare.”

Personalities at the conservative network have been outraged this week at Warren Buffett’s suggestion that tax rates should be raised by five percent on Americans making over $250,000.

Fox News host Eric Bolling has even called Buffett “completely a socialist.”

“You really have no fucking clue was socialism is, do you?” Stewart wondered. “Hey, that George Clooney, always banging different broads, what a queer.”

“So, closing a few corporate tax loopholes and returning the top marginal tax rate to the 90s economic boom-time level is class warfare.”

Stewart went on to note that according to conservatives, the $700 billion that would be raised by raising taxes on the wealthy is inconsequential. But when it came to President Barack Obama’s Secret Service bus, all of the sudden, $1.1 million seemed like a massive amount to them.

Watch this video from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, broadcast Aug. 18, 2011.


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