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The FTC’s Internet Kill Switch

The FTC’s government firewall proposal would effectively require an “opt-in” approach before users could gain access to the digital economy. These restrictions would also erect anti-competitive barriers for smaller start-up firms attempting to enter the market. It’s a disincentive for job creation, new investment, and innovation. Naturally, “opt-in” mandates disproportionately benefit entrenched incumbents who have more political muscle. Strategically, it helps explain why the Googles of the world readily endorse clever government mandates: they get to box out their new competitors and appease their activist regulators.

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Comment by James Eldridge
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"test the limits of the First Amendment. If we don’t address it, the free and open Internet we use to promote our ideas across the country today is going to be at risk tomorrow." - That is already going on without the consent of the public. Moderators can delete anything that they disagree with and band you from posting any comments on many different sites. Happens to me all of the time. I just come to places like this and say what I know is right. Sure this site is also watched by that Big Brother creature, and whatever I say is sent over to the thought police headquarters, but I will say what I know as the truth anyway. It's too late to turn back now, I have already put my name and IP out there many times and for sure I am on a list to be picked up when the SHTF. According to president O, that is coming really soon.

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