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Rick Perry and The Old Testament Christian Theocracy Movement

Today's theocrats seek to transform America from an "ostensible" Judeo-Christian/European secular democracy to an "explicit" Old Testament Christian theocracy, in word and deed. For the last four-plus decades, the Christian right has been organizing to take state power and is getting closer with the 2012 presidential election. Richard Nixon (led by his ideological ventriloquist, Pat Buchanan) launched the Southern Strategy to shift southern white Democratic Christian voters to the Republican party. In the face of the mounting Civil Rights movement, the Republicans played the race card, recruiting voters by defending their white skin privilege. It changed American politics. Since then, the white Christian right has grown increasingly more influential and militant. They came our for George W. Bush, promoted Sarah Palin's 2008 campaign and are a key strand of the Tea Party movement (which some have dubbed the "Tea-vangelists"). Now, as momentum for the 2012 election builds, watch out for the Republican candidates, particularly Perry and Buchmann, who preach the gospel of Christian theocracy. Like the Puritans, Know-Nothings and prohibitionists before them, today's theocrats seek to impose their own version of militant Biblical law on America. * * * Unbeknownst to most attendees at Perry's event, "The Response," the goal of many of those backing the event, including organizers and speakers, was to replace American democracy with Christian theocracy.

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