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"One World Company Limited" Closing Off Caves and Public Lands?

Barring the Public from OUR Lands Don't know if you have followed this, but there are some mighty strange things going on around the topic of caves all over the place. A source, for example, up in British Columbia, has noted government workers are going over really remote areas on the premise of "public safety" issues related to old mine shafts and caves. Which I was going to blow off until this popped in from a longtime reader: "Dear George: For what it is worth, we have a major cave system here in Wyoming, the Tongue River Cave. If you look it up, it is one of the most used caves in the Midwest, miles of tunnels. Just found out that a steel door was erected over the entrance, no one is now allowed. Sun related? Other? I know, most likely for our own safety." Oh? And if you open up your inputs, there's increasing pressure to bar the public from public lands. Even one county in Washington (the state) where it would cost a lousy $3,500 to fix a bridge that has closed off hundreds of miles of trails, but nope, county won't let people contribute to that fund really strange stuff going on here.

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