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The Difference Between A Statist and An Anarcho-Capitalist Society

A favorite pastime of mine is reading heated debates between statists, usually of the minarchist type, and anarcho-capitalists. In one such thread a minarchist pointed out that Mises wasn’t in favor of anarchism (to no one’s surprise), and an argument ensued where fellow anarchists claimed that Mises likely had no conception of a stateless, yet lawful society. The debate eventually escalated into anarcho-capitalist theory and how law would naturally arise and be enforced. Statists, however, rebuked that the largest private defense agency would take over everything and enforce tyrannical laws because they had the most guns and money.

This is a popular conjecture and has been used against many an anarchist.  The premise is that once a single person, or cabal of rich people, control enough of the legal and protection service apparatus, they will then override their consumers’ preferences and create a de facto state.  The person making the argument usually concludes that since the state is inevitable we should accept this reality and focus on shaping the state in the most preferable way.


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