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How to Perform the Heimlich Maneuver in 6 Different Situations


You’re in a restaurant enjoying a dinner with friends, when all of a sudden you hear a woman shriek: “He’s choking!”

You calmly excuse yourself from the table and dash with effortless cool towards the source of the loud yell. You find a man with a look of terror in his eyes, gripping his throat, indicating that something is lodged within. You politely ask the distraught woman to step aside. You place your arms around the choking man’s abdomen and give two deft inward thrusts. A scallop shoots out of the man’s mouth and lands conveniently in a trash can. The restaurant bursts into applause.

You heartily pat the man on the back and say something witty to lighten things up. You stroll back to your friends’ table, sit down, and pick up the conversation right where you left it. “What were you saying about the true meaning of The Old Man and the Sea, John?”

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