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Life Giving Deep Sea Hydrogen

• arclein
When seawater interacts with hot rock and rising magma, it becomes superheated, dissolving minerals out of the Earth's crust. At hydrothermal vents, this superheated energy-laden seawater gushes back out into the ocean at temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius, forming black smoker chimneys where it comes into contact with cold deep-sea water.

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Comment by Ed Price
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See how much we can learn simply by observing nature? All kinds of knowledge comes to our understanding, simply through observation of nature. Then we use some of that knowledge to create wonderful technological inventions. In fact, ALL of our inventions have come about because of something that we saw happening in nature. And we are still just scratching the surface in finding out the knowledge packed into the nooks and crannies of nature.

If we didn't have nature to observe, would we ever be able to discover and invent any of our technology at all?

Nature is very smart - all that knowledge crammed away in it. And it all works so well that it must have great intelligence to be able to be the way it is. I wonder if this could be Intelligent Design.

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