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Freedom Musician JORDAN PAGE at Hancock's TONIGHT 6 p.m. Potluck

Jordan Page will be in Phoenix Friday evening August, 26th 2011 at the Hancock's. There will be a potluck/party (bring your bathing suit if you want to swim) Friday evening from 6 p.m. til ?? (not too late, though, because many of us will be up early Saturday morning to head for Quartzsite where the Oathkeepers are hosting Liberty Fest and Rally)
If we are lucky, maybe Jordan will play a few songs for us. 
For details and to RSVP, go to 

Hope to see you all there.....

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Comment by Treavor Presentlyinphoenix
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So it seems the cavalry is too busy to pick up old Tumbleweed and Viet Nam Billy.  Too bad for us. All we got for transport is these motorized bicycles and 300 miles is a bit far. We bitterly regret this. But we're gonna do what we can.

Long before that was anybody's land that you know, it was ours. In my spirit-dream heart I see a great assembly of mighty warriors as we have always seen. We have always guarded "her".

Now for the first time in a hundred years or so the mighty warriors return and arrayed with their weapons.  So you come to claim prophecy on this day. And I have complete confidence in you. You will be armed but you will not instigate violence. You will be watchful for those who try to instigate violence and you will uphold just law. You will be mindful of hydrating the people. You will have an attendant eye and a caring attitude to ALL, EVEN AND ESPECIALLY OUR DETRACTORS. And you will do this. And you will turn the other cheek even if they spit on us. And you will do this.

You will bring the battle flag of the United States Of America. And as you do this, you will bear all of our hopes and dreams so when you do this, feel the power. OATH KEEPERS, TOMORROW YOU CARRY THE HONOR OF MANY NATIONS. THEREFORE MY WARRIOR PRAYER WITH YOU:

Let it be that my heart becomes soft, and let my eyes see.

Let the hardness fall away from inside me and let my ears be open.

Let thoughts of goodness govern my actions and my feet to walk in The Way.

To deny violence room in my heart, Ancestors let this be.

And let it be that we grow in strength and humility and grace like the leaves that just fall away in their time Tunkashila, let this be. Wo Lakota Om, Najum.Toa Ho Llennapehi Heyo!

And now my extra special blessing of 4-Directions:

May the Eastern Sky rise with you to bring you new knowledge and understanding. So that every step you take is on Wakan, the Sacred Ground.

May the Southern sky walk around and make warmth in your body and your limbs and heal you and bless you so that you will not be cold. And to put into your heart the forgiveness so that we can talk to all people, even those that hate us and want us dead.

And may the Thunder Beings of the Western Sky attend you. may our people above Granite Mountain go with you so that the lightning and the rain are with you. We have been preparing for this for weeks. From all over Arizona, we are sending our Sky Spirits and Thunder and Rain people to watch over you and attend you. And this is our medicine: your footsteps are thunder and from your fingertips goes lighting. We give you this power. And to balance it,

 May the White Northern Power give you reflection and wisdom so you are not prone to use it for destruction and anger.


insheekin neeonerat

insheekin neeonerat

insheekin neeonerat

insheekin neeonerat,






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