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Operation Mermaid Dawn and the Myrmidons

• Liberty Cap Press
The name of the Tripoli take-over, "Operation Mermaid Dawn," contains several layers of mythological symbolism, not the least being because "Mermaid Dawn" sound so similar to "Myrmidon," the "ant-men," a race of robotic soldiers. According to Ovid, Myrmidons had several ant-like traits: 1) Willingness to follow orders without question; 2) willingness, like ants, to commit suicidal acts in battle; and, 3) greed for plunder: “They are eager for gain, and never easily relinquish what they have won.” The Myrmidons were the elite shock troops sent in to take over Troy, commanded by Achilles. The term later became used in English to mean both “hired ruffian” and “faithful follower."

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