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Dr. Adrian Krieg: The Proposed UN Small Arms Treaty; pushed by Hillary Clinton


The greatest gun grab in world history is in the midst of debate in the UN and is being pushed by Obama, Holder, Clinton, and all of Obama's Czars. Citizens of the United States, in fact citizens around the world, deserve to know what this treaty, if ratified by the Senate, would mean to Americans. Here is a brief synopsis:

• If ratified by the Senate the treaty would void the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.

• The Treaty would violate the Tenth Amendment transferring and federalizing gun ownership, regulation and licensing nationally.

• Require the establishment of a national data bank (federal) of all gun owners.

• Ban the sale, transportation and trade of all semi-automatic guns that have been in use since the 1890s.

• Confiscate all "UNAUTHORIZED" (a word not defined in the document) civilian firearms.

• Require a federal license for the purchase and ownership of any gun.

The fact is that were this treaty to be ratified it would fundamentally change America, giving it the appearance of Australia and England where gun ownership is restricted and crime statistically has risen drastically since their gun bans. England has clearly demonstrated the failure of this during the recent riots in which merchants were unable to defend their property, which the police were unable to do.


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Comment by Joe Tittiger
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Sounds to me that it is way past time to arrest a few politicians for treason. WTF you couch potatoes?

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