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Florida Highway Patrol illegally tickets motorists who warn others about speed traps


Tampa, Florida -- When the Florida Highway Patrol pulls someone over on the highway, it's usually because they were speeding.

But Eric Campbell was pulled over and ticketed while he was driving the speed limit.

Campbell says, "I was coming up the Veterans Expressway and I notice two Florida Highway Patrol Cars sitting on the side of the road in the median, with lights off."

Campbell says he did what he always does: flashed his lights on and off to warn drivers coming from the other direction that there was speed trap ahead.

According to Campbell, 60 seconds after passing the trooper, "They were on my tail and they pulled me over."


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Comment by Lawrence Rayburn
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It is NOT illegal to warn fellow drivers of a speed trap or  a stop to search cars and trucks for drugs or papers. 

It SHOULD be illegal under the Constitution to have your truck or car searched without a proper search warrant...not a John/Jane Doe blanket search warrant for everything.  And, in the case of a warrant and search of your car or truck, you should be able to demand your lawyer be present before the search starts.    Miranda for the road.  AND, the citizen should be able to video record any of the search by the cops as evidence and turn it over to his lawyer. 

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. 



Comment by Ken Valentine
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 This is outrageous!

However, what the driver probably did was to turn ALL his lights on and off again -- including the lights on the back of his car. So he effectively signaled the cop car behind him.

I don't know about all cars, but on MOST cars, if you simply pull the light stalk all the way back, only the head lights will flash on -- and on the BRIGHT setting too.

So you don't end up telegraphing what you're doing to anyone behind you.

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