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The cops RICO up the mayor some new wheels

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Civil asset forfeiture is the practice wherein law enforcement and the government at large take possession of property seized during illegal activities (or allegedly legal activities; remember that whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing?).

If you get arrested, you may get your day in court and found not guilty, but don't count on using your stuff. That's for the important guys like Tampa mayor Bob Buckhorn, whose pillaging would make the Vikings blush

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Comment by David Jackson
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   Nothing new under the sun.

   All "forefiture"-type laws are amied at stealing as much private property as possible from anyone who happens to have something the cops/government want or can convert to something else - Rico has little to do with "racketeering". Confiscating valuable property makes billions for various government entities; somehow, there isn't a record of how much is stolen every year, or by whom. What we can all count on is that, if we have valuable assests, they are in jeopardy. You don't even get the luxury of proving yourself innocent and having your property returned: it is often converted or used by the "agency of record", long before you ever get to see the inside of a courtroom. (Pretty good deal, except for the folks who are robbed at the point of a bogus search warrant or are coincidentally in the vicinity - on location - at the commission of an actual crime.)

   If you have anything, even real estate, that is valualble, don't keep it in your name, and don't allow your idiot children to sell drugs from it. Put your classic car collection in a holding company, and store your valuable antiques or firearms at a remote location that is secure from being even remotely associated with any real crime...Warrants are very often bogus, because the cops lie about the "probable cause" or plant evidence. (If you have pissed someone off, it isn't beyond possible that they will lie to the cops about what you have or do. If you have enemies, avoid them and take precautions. You will probably never see your property, again, after it has been stolen by authorities.)

   Word to the wise: For as long as I have been an adult, cops have stolen firearms that have been confiscated, turned in to be destroyed, or unclaimed from criminal investigations or court proceedings. If you have a gun taken, get a lawyer, now! Guns are the first things stolen and the last things returned. You'll likely need a lawyer, anyway.

    Being an honest citizen will not render you or your property immune from adverse effects of criminal redistribution of wealth by the "criminal justice system". There isn't, now, nor has there ever been, a revenue gathering device that is any more lucrative and tyrannical than "forfeiture"


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