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The Maryanne Godboldo Case: Resistance Isn't Futile

• Lew Rockwell
Detroit District Court Judge Ronald Giles has acknowledged that Maryanne Godboldo was morally and legally entitled to use deadly force in an attempt to prevent the illegal abduction of her mentally handicapped 13-year-old daughter by the child “protection” mafia last March. Thankfully, nobody was killed when the mother reportedly fired a single gunshot after police and CPS officials, acting without a valid warrant or just cause, invaded her home. 

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Comment by David Jackson
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    Good for Maryanne. She has more guts than anyone I know. Even when the gestapo os wrong, it's a life or death matter to "confront" them, in any manner.

    I'd say Maryanne is very fortunate that she and her daughter weren't murdered. This is the crap people vote for and turn a blind eye to every day of our lives. but then, this was also Detroit, an open sewer of humanity and prime example of failed social order and values.

    How many more have to be terrorized by the powers that be, before someone turns of the video games and reality shows and realizes we're all players in a "reality" show that that is actual reality: The End Of Civilization, In The United States.

    As for the mandatory poisoning of Maryanne's daughter, the eugenics custodians should be behind bars - Good luck with that one!

    It's a shame the child can't be home schooled or moved to location and system that doesn't enjoy torturing and abusing children quite so much.

    As for the gestapo thugs - example of real protecting and serving, all - they should know better; they should do better; they won't; they don't know how!

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