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Ron Paul’s Vice Presidential Choices

• Walter Block and Steve Berger via

Politico has focused on the Vice Presidential sweepstakes, and who are we to demur? Of course, this organization does not mention Congressman Ron Paul as a viable candidate, and, on this, we agree. Dr. Paul will, instead, become President of the United States in 2012, so he will just not be available to be anyone else’s Vice President.

However, he will need one of these for himself, and that is the subject of our present deliberations. Who will Ron Paul choose? Who should he choose? In order to make these deliberations easier for the incoming administration, we venture forth with our own opinions on this crucial matter of the day. Accordingly, we list several possibilities, with our comments about each, some of them snarky, attached. So as to not prejudice anyone, we list these choices in alphabetical order.

Michele Bachmann. No one who takes Mises’s books to the beach for some light reading can be entirely ruled out of these sweepstakes, and Congressman Bachmann, say what negative you will of her otherwise, qualifies for serious consideration, at least on this one ground. Of course, it is extremely unlikely she has done any such thing. However, merely for mentioning Mises’s name in a positive context, she deserves some kudos, and mention on this list. On other issues, her candidacy is not at all attractive. For example, she is a bloodthirsty warmonger, pretty much of the same ilk as all other candidates for the Republican nomination.

Mitch Daniels, governor of Indiana, was early on mentioned as a potential presidential candidate based on his turnaround of state finances in Indiana, his forthright, no-nonsense style of leadership and his frequently voiced opposition to crony capitalism including a June, 2010 Wall Street Journal oped. The State of Indiana was a lonely holdout in the Chrysler bond reorganization and quite vocal in its opposition to Obama's arbitrary and capricious cramdown of senior bondholders to the benefit of the auto unions. As governor, he also privatized the Indiana state toll road so that should be dear to libertarian hearts. Unfortunately Mitch Daniels’ record on Iraq when he was Director of OMB under Bush isn't compelling.


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