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Surveillance photo shows officer in sex act: Some viewers may find this photo offensive


KOB Eyewitness News 4 has obtained surveillance pictures of a State Police officer having sex with a woman on the hood of a car in broad daylight.

State Police aren't saying anything about the photos, but KOB Eyewitness News 4 is pressing for answers.

Two weeks ago KOB reported a story about an officer caught on camera having sex while in full uniform, an act shown on security camera at the Santa Fe Canyon Ranch.

KOB has blurred out the woman's image, but you can see it's during daylight hours and the officer is still wearing his utility belt.

The Santa Fe Sheriff's office released the pictures to KOB after we filed a public records request. They say they also gave them to State Police over a week ago.

We got reaction from people who saw the photos.

"It's an inappropriate use of time," said Cate Campbell of Albuquerque.


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Comment by Anonymous
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By the way, if no warning is coming from about this photograph, I have to say this for the protection of our reading public: What you clearly see in this prize photography is the uniform of a cop, but it does not necessarily mean that what you are looking at is a cop.

With an IQ not lower than room temperature, you would probably understand that no cop -- I repeat, no cop -- would do what dogs like this do in the open air, especially in daytime. Even unthinking maniacs would INSTINCTIVELY do it in a bush or under the cover of darkness.

If taking a picture of a person in police uniform only -- not necessarily of a real cop -- is all there is to it to destroy the image of this nation's law enforcement officers, that my frienda is NOT acceptable! This is learned from the study of responsibile journalism. The innocent viewing readers must have all the protection they need.

Comment by Anonymous
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Heard people say that after this sting surveillance photo was taken this hired professional female bait went to see a reporter and as if in a script, told him to go tell the cops that she was asking them who's next. That's why State-haters and cop shooters love this photograph even more. They value this photo more than gold, especially at this time of economic depression. The value increases exponentially everytime it is repeatedly run in this website and in every website of freedom!

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Look Mama! see what Daddy`s doing?

Cop`s like to BEAT their wives so! I don`t think you`ll hear anything from the wife.

The child(s),if any! will spend their entire future with this on their mind somewhere forever!

The other Cop`s will want to know who the woman is..just in case the see her somewhere.

Oh! and the Americans will do nothing about it,and the Cop will get time off with pay.



Comment by Anonymous
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This is the kind of photograph Government haters and cop-bashers love the most! I don't envy the likes of Larken Rose who preach the gospel of violence that to shoot cops dead is a matter of right if right now he is raising his glass of champagne for a toast! With this picture, words are no longer necessary.

Comment by Jim Paterson
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shouldn't this cop be charged as a sex offender and get registered now? just asking...cause we know it's not what we think it is...

 OFFICIAL RESPONSE: clearly you can see the woman is suffering distress and the officer was only trying to calm her down by using his highly professional training!?! don't question these guys, they have a dangerous job, who know what this woman could have done...if the cop didn't "sub-due her" .......lucky for her he let her off with "quick" search and a stern warning?

Comment by David Jackson
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   Aside from the illegal "public exposure" aspect of the whole thing, there are, or should be, questions as to whether the female is "payingher way out of a ticket" or if the officer is just another pig - no pun - who isn't grown up enough to keep it in his pants, until such time as it might be appropriate behavior.

   It's not a stretch to imagine that this is the driving force behind the concept of the DWB (That's "driving while blonde", not "while black or brown".)

   No lewd, illegal, or infantile act is to be considered beneath a gestapo agent.

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

Working off a speeding ticket?

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