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Abolish the Presidency. It’s a Useless Job.

• James Altucher via

We’re all gearing up now for the biggest extravaganza since Bristol Palin was on Dancing With the Stars. The Presidential Election of 2012. Everyone is so excited! Will Obama come back from his dismal low ratings and break the record (nobody has ever come back from such a low rating in their first administration to win). Will Mitt Romney or Jon Huntsman settle their Mormon differences? Will Rick Perry win or secede from the Union? Will Michelle Bachmann release a sex video?

We have no idea. But we know something will happen. And lots of it. It’s going to cost $2 billion to win this election according to the latest pundit analysis (“pundit” “anal” and “sis” being the key words here). There’s going to be a lot of smoking behind closed doors. A lot of deal-making. A lot of machines are going to kick into gear. Consultants will become rich. TV networks and newspapers will get down on their knees and praise god they get to survive another year thanks to the massive amounts of advertising.


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Comment by David Jackson
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    There isn't anything really wrong with the job. However, there is much that is wrong with the so-called "men" who are hired to fill it! As a part of our supposed representative system, the Presidency is an important element. It is, however, only as effective as the person who is selected to perform its function(s).

    If we have amongst us anyone who is truly an outstanding potantial President, he/she hasn't been in the public eye for 100 years...An exception might have been Jack Kennedy, though I wasn't a fan. He had the temperament and, possibly, the integrity. He is an extreme example, but you can see what happens if a President actually believes and acts as though he is a President.

    Trust me, we need even an imcompetent President, if for no other reason than to remind us how stupid and incompetent we are, when it comes to picking leaders. We're probably all going to hell because of it, but we'll be amongst "friends". We might even get to vote...Y-E-A-H!    

Comment by David McElroy
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 Why not abolish the entire federal government? American patriots have been running around fighting brush fires for two centuries. It is high time we bring the arsonists of collective fear-mongering to justice. There should be a dozen gallows on the Capitol lawn next to the Reflecting Pool. And they should be used repeatedly until the District of Criminals is cleansed. We should be hacking at the root of evil, and not merely trimming its branches! We must secede to succeed!


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