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Lessons the Federal Reserve (Should Have) Learned in 3rd Grade

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Remember when you were in third grade and you were learning about poor people in your community or other countries and you asked, “Teacher, why can’t the government just print more money and give it to the poor people so they can eat and have a place to live?” To this your teacher reflexively held back a smile with tense lips and said, “Well Johnny that’s a nice thought but the government can’t just print more money…” And before you could reply with a quick “why,” you stopped yourself because if your teacher said that they can’t then they probably can’t.

Fast forward twenty years, and voila! You’ve just found out that your teacher was probably just too fortunate to ever hear of the Federal Reserve. It turns out your poor little educator friend was horribly mistaken in her definitive assertion that the government can’t just create more money. They do create new money all the time, the only difference is that, sorry little Johnny, they don’t ever give it to the poor; they give it to the rich! Who better to handle massive sums of money like 1.6 trillion dollars right? Well what then, do the rich have to do with the money? Umm…. Umm… Should we be tracking what they do with it? Oh wait, they make interest off it from people they loan it to!


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Thanks Sierra. I knew about this but here again those of us, (me) on the bottom rung of the ladder tend to put it out of our minds. I know that I shouldn't, it is just that all of this knowledge tends to hurt after awhile because we both know that all of the people that are in Washington know these things also, and they still will not fix the problem and get rid of the FED. That's because they have their hands also deep into the pockets of the common people and when things get tough like they are now, they have made it so they won't feel the pinch. War is coming and that war is going to be on American soil. Just what is it that is going to break the camels back is yet to be seen. Be sure that it is waiting in the wings to come on stage any second now.

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