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Gay Vaccine Experiments And The American (Not African) Origin Of AIDS

By Alan Cantwell, MD
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Ever since the AIDS epidemic became official in June 1981, there have been rumors that AIDS is a man-made disease. Although this theory has been  discredited   by "scientific consensus," there is evidence linking the outbreak of this new disease to a vaccine experiment conducted on gay men in New York City, as  well as in other U.S. cities, between 1978 and 1981.

The first epidemic cases of AIDS in America were uncovered exclusively in young, previously healthy, and mostly white gay men in Manhattan in 1979. The cause was   unknown until 1984  when a virus, later named HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), was accepted as the infectious agent. How a  sexually transmitted disease (STD),   purportedly originating in Africa, was transferred into a so-called "gay disease" in New York City was left unexplained, except for preposterous stories like the gay Canadian airline steward Gaetan Dugas, who was demonized in the media and tabloids as "the man who brought AIDS to America."


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