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CEO of Gibson: Feds Told Us to Leave U.S.

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Last week Federal agents raided two Gibson guitar factories in Tennessee because materials that were used by the guitar maker were allegedly breaking international laws. The law that Gibson allegedly broke was that they used wood that wasn't finished by workers in India, and the process was being completed in plant in Tennessee, therefore making it illegal. Alex Jones, radio host of the Alex Jones Show, tells us if Federal agents raids are on the rise.

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Comment by Anonymous
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To live in a lawless country is better ...[???]

By the way, in order to help bucket-kickers out of this problem of being told that they are violating the law, maybe to leave this country and find a lawless country where they can live happily ever after, is a good option [it would also cure their worsening anti-law enforcement neurosis]. It they continue to live in this country with an attitudinal problem like that, I am afraid that their suffering would become worse and worse everyday, and the accompanying pain would be excruciating! You see, if you are in a lawless country where there is no law and order, what is there to violate [?]... nothing! Absolutely good for that kind of attitudinal disorder.

Comment by Anonymous
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"Most people  would be happier  If all federal agents and agencies left the US!" -- tittiger

Happier? But then, who are you going to bash around if not one of them is left in the U.S.?

If the people you have in mind have nothing to punch around anymore as a form of their daily exercise, won’t their neurosis worsen? They will no doubt feel miserable … "happier"? Naahh ...

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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Most people  would be happier  If all federal agents and agencies left the US!

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