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Turkey vs. Israel: will the current diplomatic crisis become a military one?


If you have been paying attention to the international news at all as of late you might have noticed that there is currently a full-scale diplomatic crisis between Turkey and Israel.

This diplomatic crisis looks as though it very well could evolve into a military one also, with Turkey reportedly planning to deploy their navy to prevent another Mavi Marmara incident from occurring.

This is no small matter, as previously the rift between Israel and Turkey was solely a diplomatic one with hefty rhetoric but no real action taken on either side.

With the release of the United Nation’s Palmer Report and Turkey’s announcement that they are going to seek legal action against those involved in the murder of nine activists in May of last year, the conflict suddenly jumped beyond the previously isolated domain of diplomatic relations.

According to the Hurriyet Daily News, the Turkish navy is now planning to significantly increase their presence in the Eastern portion of the Mediterranean Sea and one Turkish official was quoted as saying, “The eastern Mediterranean will no longer be a place where Israeli naval forces can freely exercise their bullying practices against civilian vessels,” clearly pointing to the Mavi Marmara massacre as the catalyst.

One might rightfully wonder if Israel didn’t have such an incredibly self-interested and self-righteous government, and thus had the ability to apologize for the murder of nine innocent civilians, would this conflict ever surface?

Personally, I think that if Israel could muster the humility to apologize for what were clearly illegal murders resulting from an attempt by humanitarian activists to break an illegal (even if the UN says otherwise) blockade on Gaza, Turkey might not react this way.

Unfortunately for the people of Israel and Turkey alike, Israel seems to be radically opposed to even the most minor concessions and that is why I think this diplomatic crisis could quickly turn into a military one.


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