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Perry Exposed as Globalist, Chinese/US Officials Close Relationship, Cameron Wants Rendition Inquiry


Rick Perry Exposed as a Globalist

Rick Perry Proposed Bi-National Health Insurance with Mexico ... As media attention intensifies about Texas Governor Rick Perry's run for the presidential nomination, an activist in Tyler, Texas, was prompted to say "More checking under the hood needed before we buy the car," according to the Dallas Morning News (DMN). The article focused on Perry's comments at a Border Summit speech in south Texas (8-22-01), days before the 9-11 attacks, about bi-national health insurance – Texas-funded coverage for both U.S. and Mexican border residents. The governor's statement favored a study, required by the Legislature, about "the feasibility of bi-national health insurance." The DMN continued, "Katherine Cesinger, spokeswoman for Perry's campaign, downplayed the topic of bi-national health insurance. 'A bill was passed by the Legislature that authorized a study to look into this issue, which ultimately concluded there were numerous barriers to accomplishing that idea, and the Legislature took no further action on this concept,' she said." However, in spite of the Legislature's failure to act, Perry made clear his willingness to funnel Texas's assets to Mexico. – New American

Chinese and US Officials Have Unusually Close Relationship

Leaked Cables Offer Glimpses Into Relations of U.S. ... This capital city's skies were clogged with pollution, as is often the case, and China's government was concerned. So it summoned officials of the American Embassy here to a meeting. But the session had nothing to do with hazy skies. Rather, Chinese officials were peeved that the Americans were monitoring pollution themselves, and posting on Twitter for anyone to read, their more precise findings, which usually judged the smog far worse than official Chinese readings. Chinese officials feared the conflicting information "might lead to 'social consequences,'" an American Embassy cable quoted the officials as saying. So could the Americans please block Chinese citizens from visiting the Web site? That July 2009 cable, posted on the WikiLeaks Web site on Friday, is one of hundreds from the American Embassy in Beijing that offer a glimpse into the depths, and heights, of relations between the United States and Chinese governments. The cables, involving secret but not very diplomatically delicate correspondence between the two powers. – New York Times
Libya rendition claims: David Cameron calls for inquiry. Allegations that MI6 was involved in the rendition of Libyan terror suspects should be examined by an independent inquiry, David Cameron has said. It comes after papers suggesting close ties between MI6, the CIA and the Gaddafi regime were found in Tripoli. An anti-Gaddafi military leader says he wants the UK and US to apologise for organising his 2004 transfer to Libya. An existing inquiry into allegations of UK security agencies' involvement in torture has said it will investigate. Abdel Hakim Belhaj, then a terror suspect but now in charge of the Libyan capital's military forces, says he was tortured after being arrested in Bangkok. He says he was taken to Libya by a CIA and MI6 operation, allegedly confirmed by documents sent to Gaddafi's regime, and sent to prison. The Foreign Office said the government had a "long-standing policy" not to comment on intelligence matters. Mr Belhaj told the BBC: "What happened to me and my family is illegal. It deserves an apology. And for what happened to me when I was captured and tortured. – BBC

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