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Ron Paul Debate Highlights - 9/7/2011 (Video)


Ron Paul's responses in the September 7th, 2011 debate.

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Comment by Frank Fishman
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Who runs this country? The CFR, TLC, and Bildebergs.     

Who are the terrorists? The higherarchy of the  CFR, TLC, and Bildebergs.    

Who pulls the strings of the Kenyan puppet?   The higherarchy of the  CFR, TLC, and Bildebergs. 

Who are among higherarchy of the  CFR, TLC, and Bildebergs? The murdering clintons (Rest in Peace Vince Foster)(NAFTA & GAT is a cancer to the economy), the murdering bushes (Rest In Peace Michael Connell)(exposed the US as the image of the beast); kissinger, cheney, george schwartz (Soros), rockerfellers, rothchilds, bill gates, murdoch, icahn, and all the higherarchy of TLC, CFR, Bildeberg, et al who are pulling the puppet's strings to destroy this and sovereign countries around the world in order to usher in the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT (NWO).

Why are these individuals doing this?  The HAVES want to remain HAVES in the NEW WORLD ORDER, while we, the HAVE NOTS become like feudal serfs...SLAVES...or DEAD. There is no place for USELESS EATERS. THE MANAGEABLE WORLDWIDE POPULATION (IN THEIR ESTIMATION) IS 500 MILLION See Georgia Guidestones).




Comment by Darren Wolfe
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RP misses the mark when he replies to questions about welfare & FEMA. He should talk about the history of mutual aid societies & the role they played before the govt destroyed them. Insurance companies can replace many of FEMA's functions too. Not to mention that if people had to bear the costs of living in dangerous areas they might not do it. 

Comment by James Arft
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 Overall Ron Paul's comments at the 9/7/2011 debate were very good.  However, I disagree with his open immigration policy.  American's deserve the protection from the immigration invasion.  Also, due to skewed questions he failed to stress two areas.  Forign/War policies.  And, jobs/economy.  He allowed himself via the intent of questioners questions to be sidetracked into issues the questioners felt to be harmful to him and away from the most important issues --endless wars and expansive job loss and job value. 

He simply must focus on the negatives of war/foreign policy and the advantages of peace.  Also, he has to bring forth his plan to create manufacturing growth and job creation. 

Finally, he has to say he has not been treated well by the media.  Him saying otherwise implies all is ok and that to his followers that he is weak.  He must tell the audience-- Do you want the media to pick the candidates or should the  people pick the candidates?  Who runs the country?  The media or you? 


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