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High-Level Officials Eager to Spill the Beans About What Really Happened on 9/11

FBI Translator - "The Most Gagged Person" In History For example, former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds - President of the National Security Whistleblower Coalition - who has been deemed credible by the Department of Justice's Inspector General, several senators (free subscription required), and a coalition of prominent conservative and liberal groups - has fought for years to testify about what she knows about 9/11, and has repeatedly asked to be subpoenaed (so as to avoid violation of her oath of secrecy as a government employee). The ACLU described Edmonds as: The most gagged person in the history of the United States of America. And famed Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg says that Edmonds possesses information "far more explosive than the Pentagon Papers". Not a single politicians or prosecutor has been willing to issue a subpoena. Edmonds also made the following offer: If anyone of the major networks --- ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, FOX --- promise to air the entire segment, without editing, I promise to tell them everything that I know," about everything mentioned above, she told us. "I can tell the American public exactly what it is, and what it is that they are covering up," she continued. "I'm not compromising ongoing investigations," Edmonds explained, because "they've all been shut down since." Not a single major network has let Edmonds say what she knows. Indeed, Ellsberg says that the government has ordered the media not to touch Edmonds: Ellsberg seemed hardly surprised that today’s American mainstream broadcast media has so far failed to take [former FBI translator and 9/11 whistleblower Sibel] Edmonds up on her offer, despite the blockbuster nature of her allegations. As Edmonds has also alluded, Ellsberg pointed to the New York Times, who “sat on the NSA spying story for over a year” when they “could have put it out before the 2004 election, which might have changed the outcome.” “There will be phone calls going out to the media saying ‘don’t even think of touching it, you will be prosecuted for violating national security,’” he told us. * * * “I am confident that there is conversation inside the Government as to ‘How do we deal with Sibel?’” contends Ellsberg. “The first line of defense is to ensure that she doesn’t get into the media. I think any outlet that thought of using her materials would go to to the government and they would be told ‘don’t touch this . . . .‘”

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