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Phoenix police take blame in stolen-bomb flap


The Phoenix Police Department has taken full responsibility for recently losing a bag containing explosives during a security test at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and acting Chief Joe Yahner vowed to conduct a full internal investigation of the incident.

Officers were conducting a training exercise with bomb-sniffing dogs on Friday about 2:30 p.m., when a training aid with explosives inside went missing. It turned up Monday on a south Phoenix roadside.

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There is an aspect of this outrageous monkey business on the part of DHS and the phoenix cops having lost their bombs during their “exercise” that I think has been unfortunately not addressed in the news including FP.

If you or I was known to have or have had a bomb at Sky Harbor, what do you think would have happened first, after we were tied and bound? They would have emptied the entire terminal until the bomb was located. In fact one does not even have to have a bomb or funky shoes to empty a terminal. A good joke or comment about the ineffectiveness of their search procedures may result in the clearing of a terminal. Why then, when there were two bombs of significant size lost (neither DHS or phoenix cops knew who had them or where they were), why didn’t they close the terminal? Do they really care about our security or did the embarrassment and shame of their total failure overcome their sense of “duty” to protect and serve? Using their guidelines, that terminal should have been closed. When they didn’t find their bombs in a short period of time, did they consider that the bombs may have found their way onto a flight? Did they recall or ground any aircraft that took off after they discovered they had lost their bombs? Noooo, they didn’t do that. Did they close either or both of the other terminals? Who knew where their bombs may have gone to? One statement by some DHS flunky or was it a bomb expert, was to the effect that they were special explosives and no one would have known what to do to set them off - so not to worry. It is exactly that sort of bureaucratic bumbling that leads to disasters. Since when are the cops the only ones that are knowledgeable on explosives? This is Arizona, there are a lot of folks that live here that deal with explosives, we build roads, dig mine shafts, demolish buildings and a myriad of other things that require a knowledge of high explosives. But that isn’t the point. The point is, we, the citizens, were put at risk in what appears to be an attempt by DHS and phoenix cops, to save face and nobody is talking about it!




Scott Grainger, PE

Forensic Engineer

Fire Protection Engineer


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Comment by Ronald Whittaker
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 If it was just a training exercise why in the world are the police using a real explosive out in public?

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