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The great polar oil rush begins

• Terrence Aym - Helium
As the top of the world melts and the Arctic Sea becomes ice free, northern countries are scrambling to claim trillions of dollars of oil and rare minerals. Locked under the ice for thousands of years, the icecap is melting quickly, but not as quickly as the nations claiming polar sovereignty and rights to the riches revealed. The great polar oil rush is on and it promises to eclipse many of the most famous rushes of the past. The fabled California rush of 1848 and Klondike gold rush of 1898-99 are dwarfed by the potential fortunes lying under the North Pole.

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Comment by F Swemson
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This entire article is based on the absurd predictions of the global warming alarmists, which have consistently been proven wrong by ALL legitimate scientists in the field.

The earth warms and cools due to changes in the sun's cycles, many of which are known and quite predictable. The recent warming cycle ended in 1998. Although we've had some short warm spells since then, temperatures on average have not risen since then.

The legitimate climate scientists are all predicting that we're currently entering what promises to be a significant cold spell, even greater than the cooling which took place during the 1940's through the mid 1970's. The climate alarmists are lying when they say that their version of the science is accepted by everyone in the scientific community. Proof of this can be seen at: The Global Warming Petition Project on which you'll see that over 31,000 REAL scientists, including over 9,000 with PhD's attest to the FACT that there is no convincing evidence that human release of greenhouse gases causes climate change, and that CO2, the alleged cause of this NON-problem, is in fact a beneficial trace gas, without which NOTHING would be green.

Irresponsible journalism like this unnecessarily contributes to the perpetuation of this hoax. Those who understand this know that terms like "carbon footprint" are meaningless contrivances of the alarmists, whose only real objective is political power and money.


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