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Founder, 17 others held after raid on Phoenix Goddess Temple

• Arizona Republic
Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery on Thursday said the Phoenix Goddess Temple, raided by police the day before, "was no more a church than Cuba is Fantasy Island."

"Accepting money for sex is against the law," he said.

Acting Phoenix Police Chief Joe Yahner called it "particularly disheartening that some would attempt to disguise their crimes as religious freedom."

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Because they can.  

What they object to is freedom.  The freedom to act in an agreement without their blessing, consent, permission or cut.

The enforcement goons and their PIO lackeys are well paid with everyone's stolen wealth and all too eager and motivated to keep the populace terrorized into submission.

As Solzhenitsyn warned, as long as they go out on their missions with the expectation of returning alive the apparatus of the terror state will be sustained.

Comment by Ken Valentine
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 Prostitution is a combination of two things: Sex and free enterprise.

Which one are they objecting to?

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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A-hole cops..... no but accepting money for acting is not illegal.  Fire up a camera and it's legal again.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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SJ Coffee Shop Cited for Nude Waitresses

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