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Obama's 2012 Campaign Strategy: War?


A new war that threatens to unravel American society may be brewing.  The war has already been openly and publicly declared.  Not by a foreign enemy or even a terrorist organization, but by members of the United States Congress.  By union leaders.  And by the vice president of the United States.

Even while successfully implementing the most radical leftist agenda this country has ever known, Barack Obama, the Messiah of the radical, socialist left, has taken some big body blows.  Frustrated, disillusioned, and angry, the liberal wing of the Democratic party is becoming unhinged day by day as they witness the meltdown.  They believe Obama caved to Republicans on the debt deal.  He caved on taxing the rich.  He caved on new smog regulations, and, embarrassingly, he caved to House Speaker John Boehner when attempting to schedule a speech to a joint session of Congress on the same evening as a Republican presidential debate.  In the midst of plummeting poll numbers, Obama has been behaving like a beaten man.  He still talks the talk, but the left is petrified that their man is not capable of walking the walk, and that he's all but ready to cave once again and virtually concede the 2012 presidential election to those evil Republicans. 

It's clear that Obama is floundering.  And liberals are fighting mad.  But help is on the way.  Obama has a secret weapon and it's being unleashed on the American public with increasing frequency, ferocity, and vulgarity.  

Carefully implied calls for lawlessness and threats of violence are raining in from Obama's radical leftist buddies.  Whether it's the Congressional Black Caucus, Big Labor, or the increasingly incoherent Rev. Jesse Jackson, the anger is palpable and the rage is rising.  Liberals who plaintively pressed for "civil discourse" when Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) was shot by a left-wing lunatic have been largely silent.  While California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters screams that the "TEA Party can go straight to hell," mainstream media outlets say little.  Waters theorized that banks might behave differently if they were surrounded by angry citizens demanding their money -- in effect, advocating a run on banks.  She later threatened to tax banks out of business if they did not provide loan modifications to keep people in their homes.  Mainstream media reports?  Just listen for the crickets.


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