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Desperately Seeking A Statesman


Labor Day is traditionally considered the beginning of election season, so I thought now would be a good time to present an analysis of the announced candidates — at least those with something of a shot at winning the nomination.

The election doesn’t actually begin until the Iowa caucus on Jan. 3. But with debates already under way, people are beginning to pay attention. So I want to present this information on the Republican Presidential candidates early, before people lock in on a favorite candidate without first vetting him or her.

Hasty decisions cause the voter to turn a blind eye toward the flaws that exist and disregard the possibility of a reasonable discussion of those flaws. There are lots of flaws if you are looking to elect someone who will change the destructive course we are on. But I would hearken back to my recent columns, Prima Facie and Don’t Jump The Gun, and encourage you to peel back the layers and ignore the superficial when selecting your candidate.

It’s been very troubling to hear and read the comments from people who, after seeing a particular candidate give a speech performance or issue a series of pre-planned talking points, then state: “That’s my guy (or gal).”

I will tell you going in that if you are a Republican ideologue you will probably not be happy with this analysis. Already, in the few instances I have written something critical of one or more of the candidates, I have received warnings from the party apparatchik to back off. And it’s not unusual to get angry messages from readers with the sign-off, “I’m unsubscribing.”

People seem to believe it is my job to “promote” Republicans because the mainstream media will be going after the Republican candidates hard enough. It’s important, they say, that we elect a Republican because any Republican has to be better than the White House’s current occupant.

To which I say, “Poppycock.” Frankly, promoting Republicans is not my desire, nor is it my job. I have often written that Republicans and Democrats in Washington are two sides of the same coin. The party faithful is interested in one thing: power. Nothing has changed for almost 100 years, except the label of the White House occupier.

Let me remind you that I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I have no party affiliation, and I look upon the parties and their ideologues with equal disdain. I am looking for candidates who adhere to the Constitution — through their deeds, not their words. I’m looking for a true statesman. We haven’t had one leading this country for a long time.

While these profiles aren’t exhaustive, I believe they will provide sufficient information to serve as a starting point for a proper vetting of each of the GOP Presidential hopefuls. Read them with an open mind.

Also, rather than creating one long, all-encompassing story on all of the candidates, I decided to break each candidate out with his or her own separate page. So you will see a short summary about a candidate with a link to take you to the candidate’s page for more details. These pages will be updated from time to time as needed through the election.


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