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The Smart Phone on Your Wrist


Technology has a way of making you realize you were annoyed by very minor things. For instance, the hassle of reaching into your pocket. Your smart phone is now the center of your universe, itself having unearthed--and eradicated--heaps of previous annoyances (the annoyance of not having the Internet on your person, the annoyance of asking for directions, the annoyance of planning ahead, the annoyance of having to remember things...). But there's one annoyance the smart phone hasn't solved--that of having to constantly reach into your pocket to fish the thing out. Enter the "smartwatch."

This week, it was announced that Meta Watch, a smart-watch division within Fossil, had been purchased by a group of investors. While within Fossil, the Meta Watch group made some headway, presenting a version of the watch back in March. But delays and defective parts followed, and then a blown summer release date. A group of investors, led by former Nokia executive Juha Pinomaa, apparently thought they could do better. They announced this week that they had bought Meta Watch out from under Fossil, and would operate the company as an independent entity. The company will be based in Dallas, with an R&D entity in Espoo, Finland.

This is good news, all you pocket-averse people out there. The smart watch, if it's done right, stands to be a huge timesaver. Folks who have gone hands-on (wrists-on?) with smart watches comment on how surprisingly useful they can be. Basically, a smart watch can connect to your smart phone and distill the pulse of that device--e-mails pushed, SMS's received, and so forth--displaying that data on the watch's face. How often does your phone buzz in your pocket, announcing a text message that may or may not require your immediate attention? A well-made smart watch can enable you, with a subtle glance at your wrist, to make that determination effortlessly.


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