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China threatens US with 'disaster' over Taiwan support

• Terrence Aym
As the Chinese launch their first supercarrier and begin deploying their Dong Feng 21D (DF-21D) designed to destroy US supercarriers, the power brokers in Beijing issued a not-so-subtle warning to the United States of America through the organ of a major news daily: "Some people want to turn back the tide of history, but they must be clear about the disastrous price they will have to pay. A word of advice for those muddleheaded [US] congressmen: don't go too far, don't play with fire," Reuters reported.

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Comment by David McElroy
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 Well, Terrence, you state China's first aircraft carrier is a "supercarrier". That is incorrect. China has modernized an old Soviet era aircraft carrier. It is not comparable to our supercarriers. It carries far fewer aircraft. It is oil fueled, not nuclear powered, and therefore is slower and limited in range without refueling. The Chinese state the carrier will operate in China's waters. It is essentially a training ship for a Chinese-built supercarrier to come. China's military power is growing, and they are designing their own true supercarrier twice the size of our big nuclear carriers. The Chinese Merchant Marine fleet is the largest in the world, and well-armed as an adjunct to China's navy.

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