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Something Is Always Better Than Nothing

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For someone who was never a “prepper”, Hurricanes here in the South, will make you one, or at least a beginner, and in this tight economy, a little “Something is always better than nothing”. I live in an area just north of Houston, Texas. My husband has always been of the mindset “you never know when we may need it”, so I have always had to deal with his “stock up on this or that” or “next time you go to the store, you need to get this or that”, you never “know” when we might need it or even “don’t throw that away, it’ll be useful later on”. Things you don’t normally or wouldn’t think of are exactly the type of things “Oh, I wish I had that” you need or want.

How did I come to be a “beginning prepper”? Well, instead of me giving you the full lengthy story or a repeat of a similar one, go read “Whether and When to Bug Out – Hurricanes! by TJD in Houston” on Thursday April 28, 2011. He hit the nail on the head in that article, dead on. We were prepared for Hurricane Ike (because we chose to stay at home as opposed to leave like Rita’s “Hurricane trip from Hell”). But that opened my eyes to prepping, not only for hurricanes but for when TSHTF as well.. I just wished I had found your web site (and impressive, helpful lists/links) prior to Ike to have been able to see what else we needed then, even though we did fine. We already had quite a bit without realizing we were “prepping” thanks to us loving the outdoors and camping, and to be able to “check off” what we have, has been extremely helpful. Thank you, JWR.

Money is tight with us, but we do try to “gather” things when we can because “you never know when you may need it”. Which brings me to my reason for writing, in today’s economy, with money getting tighter and tighter, prices going thru the roof on everything, not all of us can afford to get a lot of things or even expensive top name items…but “Something is always better than Nothing”, there are other options to consider or look at. 

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