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Why Jon Stewart can't stop talking about Ron Paul

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Why Jon Stewart can't stop talking about Ron Paul

In an interview in Rolling Stone magazine, comedian Jon Stewart holds up presidential hopeful Ron Paul as an example of something that’s unusual in US politics: consistency.

By Peter GrierStaff writer / September 19, 2011

Television host Jon Stewart holds the Emmy award for the 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart' after winning for outstanding variety, music or comedy series, backstage at the 63rd Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on Sept. 18.

Lucy Nicholson/Reuters


Jon Stewart just can't stop talking about Ron Paul, apparently. There’s a long interview with "The Daily Show” host in the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, and in it Mr. Stewart holds up the libertarian GOP presidential aspirant as an example of something that’s unusual in US politics: consistency.

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The subject comes up when Stewart is describing how much fun it is to pore through old tape looking for instances in which politicians have contradicted themselves. Airing that kind of thing is a “Daily Show” staple.

“You know a guy you’d have a hard time doing that do? Ron Paul, because he’s been consistent over the years,” says Stewart. “You may disagree with him, but at least you can respect that the guy has a belief system he’s engaged in and will defend.”

Later in the interview, Stewart makes his now-familiar point that Representative Paul has been ignored by much of the media despite a strong showing in the Ames, Iowa, Republican straw poll and in some other early polls.

“Ron Paul has a constituency – like it or not, it’s there. How can you just ignore it? It makes no sense,” Stewart says.

Of course, since Stewart first voiced this opinion on his show last month, some reporters have taken the criticism to heart. Paul has indeed begun to attract a bit more coverage – for his willingness to mix it up with front-runner Rick Perry, if nothing else. This isn’t mentioned in the Rolling Stone interview, maybe because it occurred before that trend began. Magazines have such long lead times.


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