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Stopgap spending bill fails in the House; shutdown looms

• Washington Post

The surprise defeat in the House Wednesday of a special funding measure to keep the federal government functioning past Sept. 30 was a sharp rebuke of the GOP leadership that controls the chamber and a testament to the fragility of the majority itself.

The rejection of the measure resurrected the specter of a government shutdown at the end of the month and suggested that the heated confrontations that dominated Washington in the spring and early summer are likely to return this fall.


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Comment by David Jackson
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   Who in the hell do these traitors think they are? Not one of them has ever had an original thought!

    I know that elitists and other sociopaths don't have yhe intellect nor the ability to entertain the notion that they just might be full of s--t, but this goes beyond even my expectations - which are zip, when it comes to political mental midgets who couldn't get a real job, let alone do it, if they had to.

    What do they think life is, another insipid "reality" show? Obviously, and sadly, none of their parents ever learned to use condoms? (Seems very unfair that an entire nation should suffer for want of one less drink, toke on a joint, or the ready availability of date-rape drugs.)

  What's scary is that many of them are grooming their idiot progeny to suck off the public teat, just like mommy and daddy. It appears that we have indeed gotten the "best government money (special interests and other subhuman ofal) can buy.


Comment by Matt Schnackenberg
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god those comments from democrats are painful to read. Do they not understand the entitlement programs are unconstitutional? 

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