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No mayor for Quartzsite?



This morning, something happened in the La Paz County Superior Court that few expected. Mayor Elect Jose' Lizarraga was determined to be "unqualified" if he failed to obtain and file a bond prior to taking office, as required by Quartzsite Town Code.This was only one of several allegations made against him by third place mayoral candidate Jennifer Jones, who contested Lizarraga's eligibility for office.

Lizarraga had not filed the required response to the contest of the August 30th mayoral election, and did not show up to court today. Contestant Jones motioned for a default judgment, but Judge Michael Burke stated the law allowed for the hearing to proceed "ex parte".
No one was present to legally represent the interests of the town, after Judge Burke had granted them intervention for relief, in the event that Lizarraga was found ineligible under the law. However, Jones argued that:
     "The arguments listed in the town’s motion to intervene were based on false premise. First, election contests were not known at common law and therefore they are purely statutory and are special proceedings, not actions at law or suits in equity.  Harless v. Lockwood, 85 Ariz. 97, 32 P.2d 887 (1958);  Brown v. Superior Court in and for Santa Cruz County, 81 Ariz. 236, 303 P.2d 990 (1956).
     This means the procedure is strictly in accordance with ARS §16-671 through 16-678.  Nowhere in these statutes is there a right of intervention and the parties are limited to contestor and contestee under ARS §16-673, 16-674.B, and 16-675.  The Town of Quartzsite is not a party under these statutes."

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Comment by John Boanerges
Entered on:

I cannot determine who Bakadude is relating to this matter but it COULD but the benighted "police chief". I do know that this 'person' is a complete asshole. Also, probably a corrupt criminal thief or worse. The distortion of facts and law are appropriate to a candidate for high office for sure - that is until revolution comes and then will be - temporarily - looking down at the pavement  while having one ankle tied to a lamp post while well deserved 'treatments' are applied to the corporal body so poorly used by its owner in life. Think Il Duce, if you want an image. I like it  but Bakadude won't.

Comment by Anonymous
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We should know what’s happening in the remote town of Quartzsite …

The radical left has targeted Quartzsite, a far-flung town in Arizona’s vast desert, for a take-over. The Chief of police has warned the townsfolk of this take-over plan of violent radical anarchists. So far, the visible leader is a pet-groomer name Jennifer Jones, publisher of the Desert Freedom Press that relentlessly attacks the officialdom of the town for tramped up charges of corruption.

The preachers of disturbances and violence under the cloak of liberty and freedom, took advantage of the previous weak Mayor who was just booted out for hating the police department chief and his police officers calling them "Nazis". The expurgated Mayor used to be a Marine that hated and shot Nazis dead in WWII.

Only the Chief of Police reportedly appears to be the most learned citizen in town whom the City Council rely on in running the town. Jones and her leftist entourage attend and disrupt the meetings of the City Council. Police dragged them out of the meeting hall for disrupting the council proceedings – just programmed by the enemy of the town who wants to take-over, to publish headline stories that the town is run by fascists, etc.

In the special election to elect a new Mayor, the town elected Jose Lizarraga. Jones who also ran for Mayor was rejected by the townsfolk. There was a problem when Lizarraga forgot to file a bond prior to taking office. Jones jumped the gun on Lizarraga by going to court, wanting to replace him. But she cannot because Arizona law states: "In case of the absence of the mayor the council may appoint one of their number to act in his stead." Vice Mayor Barbara Cowell is taking over the town until the next election in the spring of 2012.

In the meantime, Quartzsite Police continues to resist Jones and her minions to take-over this remote desert township. In this video, the enemy of the state and radical accomplices do not give up their program of disruption of the City Council proceedings whenever they can.

Town policemen have a hard time defending the town. In this left-wing experiment to take control of a remote and less sophisticated town, the enemy within hopes to succeed and model this success nationwide in fighting the Government of what was perceived as the government of an Evil Empire which in the enemy’s agenda must be destroyed by all means fair or foul.

Government and State haters have a ball in projecting Jones as a "patriot" in fighting anything government. And that’s where the danger lies.


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