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Massachusetts: Supreme Court Approves Charging Innocent Ticket Recipients

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Motorists issued a traffic ticket in Massachusetts will have to pay money to the state whether or not they committed the alleged crime. According to a state supreme court ruling handed down yesterday, fees are to be imposed even on those found completely innocent. The high court saw no injustice in collecting $70 from Ralph C. Sullivan after he successfully fought a $100 ticket for failure to stay within a marked lane.

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Comment by David Jackson
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   So, you don't think that "tickets" are little more than illegal taxes or revenue gathering devices, huh?

   Not at all surprising that it happened here!

    Maybe they can send every "citizen" with a driver's license a ticket for driving and have them send in a fine, to pay for the expense of the false accusation. (Does anyone know if Romney thought this blatant violation of law and decency up?) I'll be sure to vacation and spend money in this craphole state - in my next life, perhaps, when I come back as a certifiable dumbass. Hell, with that credential, I'll likely be a judge or a state legislator.


Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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 So now they don't have to show you no stinkin badges. How is it that a corportation can pull you over and threaten you with their contract, (ticket) with harm if ya don't pay up? No different then a WalMart worker pulling you over and doing the same. This is absolute madness. How much more arrogant and criminal can the SC get before the sheeple wake up?

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